TOTNES - Bogan House, Fore St - 23rd April

THIRTEEN MOONS FESTIVAL - Dartmoor - 4th-7th Sept


'Isabella reaches into the soul of a story and connects us to our hearts. She has courage... those that crouch by the flames and smoke of her stories will be touched and changed and moved' Mac Macartney, Embercombe

'In this performance Isabella is storyteller, singer, musician and dancer, weaving these different media together skillfully. As performer, she embodies the feelings and images of the piece so fully that we are drawn in, moved, transported... I left with images resonating in my body, as after deep dreaming... reminding me of our wild nature, and of the magic and mystery below the surface of our everyday lives' Adele Levi, Choreographer, Performer and Lecturer at Falmouth University.

'An amazing eye opener, thank you for making sense of whats in my mind, I feel relieved and happy and calm. Now I know what prayer is!' Anna, age 13


Woven of song, storytelling and embodied performance, this will conjure your wild heart and sing awake those lost and deeply buried places, reaching to your ancient wild roots. This performance weaves the story of La Loba, the wild woman, she who preserves life, and calls us beneath the surface of our own lives to the living breathing earth that sustains us. Isabella dances with the element of earth, bringing texture and imagery. We are taken on a journey, both into the wild of our ancestry and into the depths of our own inner world. What you receive will be personal to you, but it is certain you will come away with a gift.