Over the years my life and path has been guided by the whisperings and remembering of the divine feminine, She who transmits through my body and arts practice, reminding me who I am as a woman and reaching through me to ignite the flame and memory of our sacred heritage within the bellies and hearts of women. I serve reconnection so that we can listen and bring through our gifts at this crucial time for life on Earth. I am woman remembering my deep connection with Mother Earth, a woman remembering my own sacred place on the Earth and the power of song, dance and prayer, to create a new world.

I am a Mother, a Performance Artist, Writer, Bodywork Practitioner and a Facilitator of the Deep Feminine. I sing and drum with the ancient call of the Earth, awakening and stirring the memory of our ancient, wild roots. I bring the depth of my journey as a woman, alongside a wealth of experience and knowledge in somatic movement, bodywork, creativity and feminine awakening. I am passionate about the intelligence of the moving body and through my performance practice I often work with women’s story, exploring the capacity of my body to speak deeply and directly to women of their own lived experience.

Over the years I have worked and journeyed alongside many incredible women as sisters reclaiming our sacred roots, memory and heritage. I had the great pleasure of training at Dartington College of Arts where I studied Choreography with community practices and The Upledger Institute where I studied Craniosacral therapy. My work and life has been influenced by a myriad of rich connections, adventures and trainings.


I am the very proud and devoted mother to two beautiful daughters and a son, perhaps my biggest teachers whom have taught me much of what it is to be a woman and carrier of the feminine life giving essence :) 

Currently, much of my creative energy is spent in the creation and development of a new inspiring magazine for women. 'SHE WHO KNOW'S' is a magazine committed to honouring the Earth’s call and giving voice to the deep feminine wisdom that is rising on the planet at this time. Please check us out at


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