As women our bodies are carriers of the feminine essence, within our tissues, bones and blood is the wisdom we need to live fully and to care for life. With the busy, often disconnected and full pace of our present culture, we as women have often lost sight of ourselves as embodiments of feminine wisdom and forgotten how to listen, how to feel, and how to trust this inner knowledge. In these individual sessions, Isabella brings her experience and training in Embodiment, Craniosacral therapy and Journeying to offer a deep and transformative space for women, where everything is welcome. These sessions support the release and expression of energies that have become blocked and held in the body, and a simply return to inhabiting our feminine selves. Sessions offered by the fire in Dartington.


                        CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY                      

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle and unobtrusive form of hands on bodywork. The Practitioner offers deep listening through the hands that allows the body to release and unwind tensions and holding patterns in the soft tissues of the body. A deeply nourishing treatment that supports embodiment and well being. Craniosacral Therapy can release many aches and pains held in the body and supports general healthy functioning of the whole body.

Isabella trained with the Upledger Institute in Scotland and Florida in 1997-99. Treatments are available in Dartington.